Week of April 27th

Visit Khan Academy and do a Math activity relating to fractions. For extra practice, visit IXL and complete some fun skills. Make sure you get in your 25 minutes of reading. Websites are located on the Resources page.

Visit Amplify CKLA 3-5, students can dive deep into award-winning novels through writing and reflection, practicing vocabulary, and grappling with questions that promote social-emotional learning. Don't forget to get in your 25 minutes of reading today! All resources are located on the Resource page.

Visit NASA Kids Club and explore both space and your imagination. There are videos, games and related articles covering the exploration of space and the NASA projects currently operational and those in the future. But remember to do your 25 minutes of reading today!

Watch a video from Crash Course Kids about Earth's spheres and Natural Resources.

Complete a fun arts and crafts video as a fun day rewarding your week of hard work. Click here to watch a video on how to make a paper snapper. 

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