Week of April 27th

Read one of the passages from the ReadWorks resource. Simply select your grade and a topic of your interest. Then read the passage carefully and understand it thoughtfully.

Visit Amplify CKLA K-2 to learn more about Colonial America, how the United States became a nation, and the War of 1812. You can watch videos, listen to read-alouds, and discover new words. Don't forget to get in your 15 minutes of reading time.

Go to the Khan Academy resource. If necessary, create an account. Then go to first grade math and complete 3 exercises of your liking. Don't forget to read for 15 minutes.

Read for 30 minutes. Grab a book of your liking and find a spot to cozy up. 30 minutes is just the minimum, we recommend you read more.

Complete a fun arts and crafts video as a fun day rewarding your week of hard work. Click here to watch a video on how to make a paper snapper. 

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